How to Attract and Date Hot Women - The Simple and Profound Truth

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Ask yourself this question:

"Would I like to Date Hot Women?"

Now, I am not speaking of common women with average looks that frequent the bar scene. We're talking here about the sort of women that walk by and EACH and EVERY man automatically  stops whatever he happens to be doing.  The type of woman that every guy fantasizes about.

Without exception, every man desires to meet such a woman...Yet, most of them will never get the opportunity!

Why is this? Believe it or not, there is actually a very good reason for this...

Unfortunately,  the sad truth is that ordinary guys simply don't so much as say "hi" to them!

Usually, it goes like this; a guy will see a  girl like the ones we're talking about, he automatically goes over in his mind what it's like to have her. But then, an all too familiar fear overtakes him: when it's actually time  approach her He comes up with umpteen excuses to why she's out of his league.

Now I'm going to share a simple, yet  profound secret with you

If you want to "get", or date hot women, YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE THE CHANCE!

This is so important, I want you to read it again.

To paraphrase  "the Great One", Wayne Gretsky, "The times in which you are sure to fail are those in which you never  take your shot!"

If you happen to find that you get tongue-tied or incapable of approaching the hottie before you, I suggest that you seek out  the main cause of your approach anxiety.  

Usually it's because guys don't understand how to correctly approach and open conversations with hot women. There is actually an art and science to it. And yes, it can be learned.

You have got to build a base of attraction with her.

In truth, building attraction with such a sizzling-hot babe amounts to only one single thing: Making HER want YOU.  You can accomplish this by not showing direct interest in her and by displaying higher value than she has herself. Thereby making yourself a challenge for her. In her mind it goes like this: " I'm Hot" (make no mistake here. She KNOWS she's hot) "Why doesn't he want me"? And she will set out to trying to win you.  

This is of course, over simplified, but it illustrates our point.

Building attraction is not about beating her up with questions.  Nor does it have anything to do with building rapport.  Actually, you can quickly build attraction by staying away from the  statements guys use to try and establish a shred of common interest with her. Without a doubt, she's heard them all before.

Essentially, building attraction is about building tension.A very finely choreographed dance between playfully teasing a girl while causing her to work for YOUR attention.  

So  to attract and date a hot woman, the most effective method you have in making an impression on her is NOT to shower her with complements and stay away from the things every other guy does like offering to buy her a drink. The only thing that will happen if you do this is that you'll be out the price of the drink with only a thank you to show for it. Then off she goes. Rather approach her with confidence and look for ways to create that tension that is all important for building attraction!  You will soon discover that subtle banter and teasing is among the very finest techniques you'll ever have to attract even the hottest girls to you like bees to honey!

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How to Attract and Date Hot Women - The Simple and Profound Truth

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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